VIP Services

We are dedicated to personal attention.

We take great pride and care when working with all our clients. But we  have also worked with customers that require in-home services – bringing the framing samples, matching the style of the individual – taking great care with valuable art. Discretion, extreme attention to detail and providing the highest quality materials are part of our way of making these special relationships last for years .  We handle hundreds of priceless memories and art each year from our clients.  And they know and trust that those items taken care of and properly preserved.

Our VIP Services include:

  • In-home services – Artwork will be picked up or measured on site. Framing sample materials will be brought to you. The location of where the artwork will be displayed, how it will be shown and with what other art and furniture are in the room are all considered as part of creating a perfect completed piece of art.
  • Extreme customization – We are used to working with builder, decorators, assistants and even relatives! Customers tell us how easy it is to pass on the challenging aspects of a project to us and see the vision come to life – seamlessly and beautifully!
  • Discretion – We’re had the privilege to work on some amazing art and to work inside many private homes, handling treasured family photos and heirlooms. We treat all these interactions with the utmost discretion – understanding each person and family values its privacy.

We know how busy and private VIP’s are; we offer personal consultations or meetings with a designate at your convenience and location.

We will never share anything we discuss with anyone without your approval. CONTACT US today to discuss your needs.

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Oversized Canvas

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Live 8 Guitar